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What You Need

Written & Produced by Finian St. Omer

Recorded at C'Era Leone Studio

Directed by Finian St. Omer

After you watch the 'What You Need' video...

Scroll down to get your free download of the 'What You Need' song, and art work.

Also the Justus League 25th year anniversary Crewneck featured in the video is on sale now. Order yours today!

What You Need
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Finian is back again with his fourth release this year. 'What You Need' produced by Finian St. Omer as well. What you need was the famous call and response at their live shows "Justus League! Is what you need!!" So on the 25th year anniversary it is only fitting to celebrate the NC crew that left a mark in the culture of Hip Hop.

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Time flies when you are jamming to legendary music!

25 years ago in Raleigh & Durham North Carolina, 15 individuals from different walks of life met on one path that lead them on a journey to leave a permanent mark in the Hip-Hop culture. To celebrate this milestone, we have the JL 25th Anniversary Crewneck to commemorate the music, and achievements from this extraordinary crew, The Justus League! This crewneck is also featured in Finian St. Omer's video 'What You Need'

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