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After making a name for himself on the underground rap scene, Finian St. Omer, formerly Chaundon, continues his journey to leave his mark within the Hip-Hop community. Finian has proved his place in the game with 6 mixtape releases; ‘Slow Leaks’ (2003) ‘Live From The 718’ (2004) ‘Ambitions of a Writer’ (2007) ‘Black Dynamite’s Revenge’ (2009) and 10 album releases; ’Carnage’ (2008) ‘Black Dynamite’ (2009) ‘Baby Making Music’ (2010) ‘No Excuses’ (2010) ‘The Jammington’ (2012) ‘By The Way’ (2013) ‘No Excuses - The Demo Tape’ (2017) ‘White Label’ (2018) ‘Family’ (2018) ‘Lineage’ (2019).

In 2011, Finian launched Golden Era Music Inc., a multi-faceted independent record label that looks to release records across the genres of Hip-Hop, Soul, Rock, and Country, under the digital distribution by both Empire and Soulspazm. In addition to the label, Finian has won an ADDY Award for music with lyrics for the APB Reloaded video game commercial in 2012.

Finian is a remarkable entertainer and a versatile artist with a strong and expressive voice, making him a favorite within the Hip-Hop community. Packed with constant motion, his performance exude crowd pumping energy that typically culminates in him literally running through the audience. Overall, his combination of lyrical prowess and high-octane performance style continues to make Finian St. Omer on of Hip-Hop’s premier artist to watch.